All of our Republican Prayer Candles are made in the USA. The candles are 100% natural, made from a natural soy blend with a 100% cotton wick. Unlike candles made in China, there are no toxic materials, dyes, plastics, lead, etc. used in the make up of our candles. The candles burn pure and clean with an average burn time between 60 and 80 hours.

The candles are in a glass container, 5″ tall, 3″ wide, and weigh 13.75 ounces.

You can order our candles in one of these three amazing scents:

Sea Breeze provides a wonderful combination of citrus scents with the scent of star anise. Scents of cedarwood, jasmine, and lavender are masterfully mixed in. Additionally, you may notice hints of rosemary, oakmoss, and patchouli finishing off the complicated yet satisfying scent of this candle.

Comfort Spice is the perfect choice for fall and the holidays, offering a sweet scent of brown sugar and cinnamon. Mix in some vanilla, lemon, and pralines and this candle’s scent will take you back to family celebrations and holiday seasons of the past. Slight hints of white cedarwood and musk round out the scent of this candle.

Vanilla Bean offers a delightful blend of citron zest and vanilla bean in this sweet yet complex scented candle. Clove and cinnamon make up the the mid notes. Undertones of tonka bean and whipped cocoa finish off this candle’s luscious scent.

It’s said that prayer can move mountains. Well, it’s certainly moved the hearts and minds of Americans in their times of trial and helped them to achieve a society that, for all its imperfections, is still the envy of the world and the last, best hope of mankind.

Ronald Reagan